Classified Advertising Policy

By Registering for an account with Valley Biz Classifieds (“The Classifieds”) you agree to the following Classified Advertising Policy. 

Classified Listing Area 
The Classifieds listings are intended to be used to buy and sell items located within the Swan River Valley. If you have a phone number outside of the following phone districts, please include the location of the item in your listing to avoid delays. There are no location restrictions for items wanted.

  • Benito, MB
  • Birch River, MB
  • Bowsman, MB
  • Camperville, MB
  • Cowan, MB
  • Durban, MB
  • Kenville, MB
  • Mafeking, MB
  • Minitonas, MB
  • Pelican Rapids, MB
  • Pelly, SK
  • Pine River, MB
  • Renwer, MB

You agree that the phone number(s) used to register for your account will automatically be included as the contact number in any classified listings that you place on The Classifieds.

You agree that you will only list, buy or sell items that are legal for you to own, buy or sell in your province of residence in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

You agree that you will not include any of the following Prohibited Content in your classifieds or participate in any of the following Prohibited Activities: 

Prohibited Content 
1. adult, mature or erotic content or images – personals are not allowed 
2. opinions, discussion topics or “hate speech” 
3. false or misleading descriptions 

Prohibited Activities
1. Posting multiple listings for the same item
2. Including pictures of people
3. Including email addresses, website addresses or physical addresses. Physical addresses are permitted for garage sales and real estate.
4. Advertising events. Garage sales are permitted.
5. Advertising services. 
6. Advertising job postings, seeking volunteers or help wanted. (effective September 1, 2020)
7. Including company/organization names/logos or promoting the business in general. Businesses may list items for sale. 
8. Listing items for sale located outside of the Swan River Valley.